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What is Be Activated?

What is Be Activated? The body has 2 priorities for survival, to breathe and to move. A correctly functioning human body is designed to move in a 1-2-3 sequence pattern, starting with the diaphragm and ending with the fingers and toes, resulting in expansion. However when muscles are not...

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What is a Mother & Baby yoga class like?

Mother and Baby yoga is a wonderful opportunity for new moms to spend some quality time with their baby while getting the chance to practise yoga in a relaxed and friendly setting.Whether you’ve practiced yoga before or during pregnancy, Mother and Baby Yoga is a great way to bond...

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Thinking of Attending your 1st Yoga Class?

So, you’re thinking of signing up for a yoga class? What you need to know… What to Wear? There’s no yoga uniform. But wear something you find comfortable to move in, such as leggings and a tee shirt. I recommend 2 layers, so you can remove one as you...

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